Air Bar Max Sakura Grape Review

If you’re a fan of the Air Bar Max series, you’ll be happy to know that this brand of flavored drink mixes has a new fruit mix that’s perfect for summertime. The Sakura Grape mix is a tasty blend of fresh strawberries and mango that is sure to keep your taste buds on the go.

Guava Ice

Guava Ice on Air Bar Max is a well rounded if not overly sweet e-liquid. It’s the most cost effective way to enjoy this berry flavored drink on the go. The novelty affliction is a cinch thanks to the included disposable vape pen. A hefty 1250mAh battery provides ample juice for the lucky few. This guava infused brew is a tasteful homage to the guava aficionados of yore. Despite its size, it’s still one of the cheapest and most versatile e-liquids you’ll ever come across. With a price tag of around $50, you’re not going to break the bank on this guava infused e-liquid.

Red Mojito

If you like sweet and tangy flavors, then you’ll enjoy the Air Bar Max Sakura Grape 5000 Puffs Vape. This flavor is a popular choice among vapers. It’s a mix of sweet, tart, and a hint of mint.

This e-liquid is made by Goldreams. It has a light texture that makes it great for all-day vaping. The 5% nicotine strength is perfect for a potent, satisfying throat hit.

The Air Bar Max Sakura Grape has a sweet, tangy flavor that is perfect for fruit lovers. It’s also QR code verified for authenticity. Whether you want to try it as a vape or just as a snack, it’s easy to find.

Shake Shake

If you’re a fan of the fruity variety, the Air Bar Max Shake Shake is sure to satisfy your cravings. The flavor is a tropical fruit blend with a healthy serving of ice.

The best part is that this e-juice comes in a small 6ml package that’s more than enough to last you two days. It’s made from food grade materials and it’s all backed by a mighty 1250mAh battery. You’ll also find a slew of different nicotine strengths to choose from, so you’re sure to get the right fit for your personal vaping style. This e-liquid is also available in a light version with a rubber mouthpiece.

Aloe Blackcurrant

Air Bar Lux has a pretty big portfolio, and there are a lot of flavors to choose from. Its Galaxy Edition is a good example. While it’s not the most flavorful of all Air Bar e-liquids, it does come with some cool features, like a rubber mouthpiece and the aforementioned aloe blackcurrant flavor. Plus, there are also some really good menthol varieties.

The Aloe Blackcurrant flavor is a pleasantly smooth, yet robust aloe-based e-liquid. There’s also a tangy grape flavor, and a bit of mint for good measure. For those who enjoy menthol, it’s a great alternative to a traditional mint. With all the different flavors available, you’re sure to find a flavor that matches your taste.

Air Bar Max Sakura Grape Review

Strawberry Mango

If you are into sweet and sour, you’ll want to check out the Air Bar Max Sakura Grape. This flavor is not only a great drink mix, but also a solid choice for your vape device. It’s a classic purple grape flavor that will satisfy your taste buds, but not over power them.

The Air Bar Max also comes in a disposable format, which is perfect for on the go vaping. The device boasts a streamlined design that features a sleek, easy to use mouth to lung draw. In addition to its ease of use, the device is lightweight and compact. Each pod features 6.5 milliliters of e-liquid.

Sakura Grape

Sakura Grape by Air Bar Max is the perfect blend of sweet and tart flavors. It is available in both 50mg (5%) and lower nicotine strength versions. This flavor is perfect for vaping all day, and is a good choice for anyone who loves a strong, fresh taste. You will find that the flavor has a light mint kick on the exhale, and a sweet, tangy grape aroma on the inhale.

Sakura Grape by Air Bar Max is one of the most popular flavors on the market today. It is a fruity blend, and the light menthol hit adds a little extra zing. The flavor is also QR code verified for authenticity, so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality vape.